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Friday, April 29, 2011

Commemorating William and Kate's Wedding at the Greenhouse

What a chaotic week we've had here at Darvonda.  Spring has finally arrived.......and along with Spring comes a TON of work to ship out all our plants before Summer arrives and all the shoppers are at the beach.  It's a good thing we have such amazing staff here or we wouldn't be able to get it all done in time!

The Wee One helps out in any was she can.  Today she decided to commemorate Kate and William's wedding by dressing for the occasion.  But she sure didn't let her fancy duds keep her from getting her work done.....

She wore her sensible flat shoes so that she could ensure that quality control did not slip......

and made sure to scope out the entire warehouse, keeping a keen eye on production efficiencies.....

and order accuracy!  She's a real energizer bunny, that Wee One.  It was hard to keep up with her and keep her from being run over by a forklift or a cart full of flowers.

She's such a detail girl she even checked to ensure the proper height was being maintained on the carts so no bloom would be damaged during transport.

I hope her mom isn't going to be mad with me because her beautiful little dress did get just a touch dirty in the greenhouse. 

Now, just in case you thought WE did some amazing stuff at our place, you should check out Tootsie who lives in Alberta and despite the weather manages to pump out a whole lot of amazing plants for a hobby.  I wonder if she has a quality control person like the Wee One at her place?

On a more serious note, I would like to share with you the sad reality of what happened earlier this week.  My dad passed away to be with his Saviour and Lord this past Wednesday.  He was a wonderful man and trusted in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who came to this earth to wipe away our sins.  His death was not unexpected but still brings with it much sorrow for those of us who are left behind. 


Monday, April 18, 2011

Matthew's House

Photos courtesy of Revival Arts Studio
A few months ago, my kids were approached to perform at a fundraiser to raise money for Matthew's House, a respite care home being built in Abbotsford, providing help to families in need of assistance with their loved ones who struggle with physical and medical challenges that may limit their independence.   The story of Matthew is a very inspiring one.....

Matthew's Story from Matthew's House on Vimeo.

Everyone was asked to dress with a little splash of RED to honor Matthew's memory.

The evening was billed as a "Dessert Theater Event" and included all sorts of different entertainment.

The Jansen 5 played some really great pieces together after only rehearsing for one afternoon, which is a practice that ALWAYS makes this mother very nervous.

Unfortunately, Junior could only stay for the first half of the evening because he was double booked.  I really love it when they all work together like......

a well oiled machine......

or a Swiss watch.....

or a professional chamber group.  Seriously, how is it that all these amazing musicians come from ONE family?!

If it was just one of them, I would be amazed by their unique talent.

Or if it was THREE of them, I might think something strange and wonderful was going on.

But all FIVE of them?!  That is clearly something done by a POWER much greater than anything here on this earth.  Only God could work such miracles.

Even more miraculous is how our Heavenly Father sets us on a path in this life that leads us to where HE chooses.

Matthew's Sister and Brother
Matthew's family was obviously chosen to reach out and help others in need on this long journey called life.  They are offering solace and rest in a broken world they know only too well from personal experience.  What a beautiful calling, don't you think?

The evening was a great success.  A grand total of $10,000 dollars was raised to help get Matthew's House built. 

And besides all that, the desserts were delicious.

I went back for seconds because I'm shameless that way.

If you are interested in donating to this very worthy cause or just want to hear more about what's going on, check out Matthew's House online. 

A special THANK YOU to Esther, the organizer.  It was a wonderful evening.  Right down to the beautiful table centerpieces

  You are one great party planner!

And another THANK YOU to Revival Arts Studio who provided all the photos in this post.   The pictures are wonderful. Check out their website for more beautiful photography.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Rush!

The SPRING RUSH is upon us at Darvonda, bringing with it all the fun and excitement you could ever want to experience in a lifetime.  So, it's a good thing that we have the Wee One here to keeps us all organized on the production floor.

There are so many different types of planters we need to get planted up and shipped out. 

The planting lines are working full tilt......

and absolutely everyone has to pitch in, including Danny Boneduce!

You see, the garden centers at my favorite BIG BOX store are finally open and even though the weather isn't that great around here, things are starting to sell.

Our SERVICE REPS are hitting the stores daily to keep things all tidy and organized while we work on marketing materials that will eventually attach to the carts at the store.

Spring has sprung, peeps!  Have you hung your hanging baskets yet?!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

We're Open For Business!

My sister-in-law Fifi has outdone herself again!  The RETAIL is open for spring and all DECKED OUT after months of cleaning, organizing and planning.
Trying to get a store all ready and dolled up for Spring requires a whole LOT of work.

Color schemes and playful vignettes are TOP PRIORITY when setting up to sell to the public.

Store shelves need to be filled with beautiful items for the home and garden.

Fifi bought from suppliers in North America, finding all sorts of great items and even better prices.

The Big Guy and I spent a few days scoping out the markets in China to find some great gift items.
Keeping warm at the Guangzhou Gift Market
Slowly but surely our purchases have been arriving inside our regularly scheduled containers, along with our planters for Spring.  It's so exciting to open the containers once they arrive at the greenhouse direct from the port and find all the exciting gift items that are stuffed inside.

For the past few weeks, Fifi and friends have been unpacking, sorting, pricing and displaying everything to get ready for opening day.

Thanks to our friends across the street, Napier Sales, we also have beautiful antiques for sale!

When I was busy taking photos, I got to hear the customer's getting all excited about the new items and the fabulous display.  I even saw one patron walk out with FOUR beautiful ducks that I hadn't even had time to take photos of.   You know you did a good job when things sell out before you have even been open for a single day!

If you are considering a shopping trip to your local garden center in the near future, I just want to let you know that Milner Gardens is having a unique GIVE AWAY this season for any shopper who buys $250 worth of product on any single spree.......

THIS beautiful PURSE is yours for FREE!  Available in Black or White.  Can you BELIEVE it?!

You KNOW you want one!  Hurry on down and get PLANTING!

And just in case you were thinking things were not quite as busy on the wholes sale end of things, check out THIS crowd of Darvonda peeps.....

Here are HALF of the employees having a pre-season BBQ in the warehouse.

Things got a little smokey so we opened up one of the loading dock doors to air things out a bit while in the coffee room......

the other half of the Darvonda staff munched on Vegetarian Pizza.

Following the lunch break, we took a moment to review all the upcoming SPRING items so that everyone was aware of what we plan to do and how we plan to get it all done in the next 2 months. 

Only 8 weeks of sheer CHAOS!  I'm not sure I'm quite ready for the roller coaster ride we call "SPRING RUSH" but starting Monday........I've got no choice but to go with it!

YEEHAW, y'all!