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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something Happened On The Way To The Store....

The kids are finally on Summer Vacation........which means I can actually TEACH them something important for once. I have decided that I am going to take this opportunity to school my daughter, Mini Me, in the art of Entrepreneurship. It's about time she takes up the torch and starts getting creative like her Mom, don't you think?!

So, I sat her down and discussed the idea of trying to get a little FRESH FLOWER stand going right out front at the retail. I will teach her the ropes of flower purchasing, arranging, marketing, care and maintenance, etc. All she has to do is.......well.......basically, she has to do all the work while I supervise. How else is she gonna learn?

So, we hit up the United Flower Grower's Auction and bought ourselves some gorgeous supplies which she turned into a tidy bunch of bouquets.

Tomorrow she is scheduled to set up shop.

Suddenly I realized that she's gonna need a space to call her own and a spot to hang her shingle. So I set out to get her a nice little portable tent/canopy. They are on sale this week at XS Cargo for a mere $70. Our thanks for that little tip go to Aunty Fifi, who can sniff out deals like a bloodhound! I am proud to say that I purchased this BEAUTY............
at a very great price.

Before picking up the canopy I decided that I should probably pop by Costco and get my groceries since I was in the car anyway. Multi-tasking 101, right ladies? My little Angel came along to do a little grocery shopping as well.

Eventually we arrived at XS Cargo where, suddenly I stumbled upon THIS BEAUTY..........
for a mere TEN DOLLARS! I was totally INSPIRED by that price. Such a deal goes IMMEDIATELY to my head. You know that feeling, right? It's like you've just knocked back a glass of wine and the room is spinning out of control and you can't be blamed for your actions?! I may have blacked out in all the excitement. I'm not really sure what exactly happened but I now own a large quantity of these vases.

Oh well, they will come in very handy at the next wedding in our family. Mind you, no one is planning on getting engaged soon but.........

Can't you just imagine this vase as a centerpiece?!

In all the excitement I also forgot that I had just done my groceries as well as splurging on a few of those $70 shade canopies.It was a rather tight squeeze I must say, to get all my purchases home but........

GOING WITH THE FLOW is another wonderful quality every entrepreneur needs to learn!

You'll be find, darling! We'll be home in a jiffy. You know what they say "that which doesn't kill you will only make you stronger!"

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I Give Up!

I have officially given up! I am no longer wishing for summer but am accepting the fact that the weather in Vancouver is just not going to change. Cold and cloudy is all Mother Nature seems to be offering us this year.......

So the Darvonda crew has headed off to the ice rink to celebrate WINTER.

No need to feel sorry for us in our winter jackets and warm blankets. WE ARE CANADIAN! We can handle it!
And, by the way, the Big Guy did not score in this game, regardless of the large cheering section he had rooting for him in the bleachers.

Better luck next time, sweetheart! I am so glad you picked the sport back up again after 20 years. You sure do look great in all that sweaty, stinky hockey gear.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is it Really Summer?

Can you believe that SUMMER is here? We have had so much cloudy weather these days, I'm starting to feel a little bummed out. Grey skies and showers day after day are just not conducive to summer fun, even here on the west coast where we are used to RAIN. So far we have not managed to sit out on the patio ONCE for a barbecue. It has just been TOO rotten COLD!

Seriously, this has GOT to stop! Please point me to the COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT.

However, I am one fortunate flower fanatic 'cause I live right BESIDE my favorite GARDEN CENTER, Milner Gardens, and can get my daily horticulture "fix" whenever the urge hits me!

The one drawback to living beside our retail store/milking parlor is that I tend to do very little in MY own garden. I mean, why would I need to when I have a constant influx of floral finery on a minute by minute basis here at the greenhouse?!

You see, THIS is what I get to feast my eyes on every time I drive in my driveway....
The retail garden center is always full of blooms, rain or shine. It's been raining so much here that we had to post the 10 top reasons to garden in nasty weather. They are as follows:

I'm hoping the sun will start shining soon so I can hit the beach in my itty, bitty, polka dot bikini. Unfortunately for my new friend here, she will need to hand it back to me soon. I plan to spend an abnormal amount of time at the lake this summer, figuring out our Spring 2011 container garden line up!

So, hurry on down to buy your baskets before the greenhouse empties out.......
And don't forget to bring your pick up truck! Prices are just THAT LOW!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Little Nip and Tuck Just Ahead of Bikini Season

Everyone has a different way of getting ready for the coming swim wear season. We ladies want to look our best in that brand new bikini. Waxing, name it, we do it, just to look FAB at the beach.

So, my big sister Lisa decided to go in for a little nip and tuck to make sure everything is in the right place before slapping on that little itty bitty bikini of hers. The two of us decided to make it a ladies day out........a SPA DAY!

I brought my double shot, Caramel Blitz Latte.......

and she brought her Clive Cussler novel.......

We should've been filming an episode for the House Wives of Orange County! Although, in the end, the procedure didn't have quite the same satisfying result as a good old fashioned face lift. It was a rather more down-to-earth, mundane kind of procedure we decided not to take any video footage after all.

Actually, my sister had to have a big lump removed from her shoulder. It was kind of giving her that "Quasimodo" sort of vibe and she just didn't think it was doing her any good having such a big weight on her shoulder.

Soooooo, in went the IV tube.............

and out came the offending lump!

WARNING: Squeamish readers should scroll to the bottom of this post if they have any problems seeing gory wounds and blood. The following photo is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.

Can you BELIEVE my sister let me take of picture of this? Just so I could BLOG about it?!
Now THAT is what I call sisterly love! I love you, Sis. You are my HERO. You didn't even need a wheelchair to walk out of there like all those other sissy day surgery patients! You are TWICE the woman I'll ever be.

Now I would like to challenge all my readers who really love their sisters to leave a comment for their sibling right here on this blog, telling them how much you love and appreciate them. Then, send them the link so they KNOW how much you care.........and then you can go get your bikini on and hit the beach.

UPDATE on the WEE ONE and our escape plans: So far, we have not made good our get-away. Someone ratted us out. They are keeping a close eye on me so I have to hold off on that plan for just a little bit longer.....


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Going Underground

I have decided that I will need to go underground.......flee the country.......get out of Dodge before sundown......and I'm takin' the Wee One with me!

My Little Angel is returning home from her vacation in the Caribbean and wants to pick up my grand daughter so she can keep her all to herself.......

but I just can't let that happen!

You see why I am unable at this time to hand her over to her mother, don't you?

Soooo........I have a hair coloring appointment this morning ......

and an IMPLANT appointment for tomorrow. This will completely change my appearance so I can make my escape before my daughter gets home.

Don't worry, sweetheart. You can have her back when she's a teenager. That's when I anticipate she will become independent and will no longer appreciate her Gramma.

I think Disneyland would be a perfect place to hide out!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Idyllic Day at the Beach

Would you just look at this gorgeous little family posing so nicely on a pier at the beach. The sun is shining and everyone is looking rapturously happy. "Picturesque" is the only way to describe this wonderful vision of family unity and harmony.........

Even the starfish were calm and serene, laying quietly on the shallow rocks by the shore!

The Wee One was angelic and content as we strolled along together, holding hands and enjoying each other's company.


Look at the Big Guy posing happily for this idyllic ocean side photo........

while the crabs were lazily walking along the sand. The seagulls swooped down low over the water....

and we all watched our reflections ripple calmly on the surface.

It all looks so perfect, doesn't it?!

In actual FACT, the reality of this little outing is as follows:

1. This was the only 1 hour of sunshine we've seen in months.
2. Danny Boneduce was being very cranky because I FORCED him to come along.
3. The Wee One needed a diaper change and gramma forgot her diapers

.........and did I mention, this was the ONLY sun we've seen in months?!

Personally, I perfer the idyllic version of events as mention in the beginning of this post. It's just so much more satisfying, don't you think?

Fortunately, regardless of the crankiness of certain family members and the odor from others, we had a great time soaking in a few rays of sun and munching on a dinner of fish and chips.

Now, if only the SUN would come out again, I would organize an outing to the LAKE!

What do you say, Wee One?! Are you up for it? I promise not to forget your diapers this time.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wedding Show and Tell

I was just busy reminiscing about my daughter's wedding the other day. She's such a darling Little Angel sent from heaven above! Come and take a jaunt down memory lane with me today as I show and tell about the amazing fun we had......especially in our greenhouse-turned-banquet hall where we held the reception.
The wedding photos were taken by Elizabeth Sorgell......

the programs were hand made......

Flowers were done by our very good family friends....

and the photos were taken in down town Fort Langley...........

There was a lot of work put into making the chandelier.......

and setting up tables.......

Dinner was served by our very own in-house chef/logistics guy, Gary......and we partied late into the night!

What a blessed MOM I am, don't you think?!
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